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Why Is the Study of Space Important?

Have you ever been interested in space investigation? Do you know why it’s essential to study space? Put all your things aside, pay for your essay to meet its deadline, and dive into the space topic.
Before the Moon Landing in 1969, a lot of people supposed that by the beginning of the 21st century, space travel would become a common thing, and we would be able to visit other planets in our solar system. Unfortunately, this future has not come yet. But those who have long dreamed of becoming a space civilization argue that space exploration will provide good advantages here on the Earth in such fields as health, mining, and security. Let’s consider the most compelling benefits of space exploration.

It Can Be Good for Our Health

The International Space Station has spawned many medical innovations that can be applied on the Earth, such as the way anticancer drugs are delivered directly to the tumor, the device that allows a nurse to do an ultrasound and pass the results to a doctor thousands of kilometers away, and a robotic arm that can perform complex operations inside an MRI machine. NASA researches, seeking to protect astronauts from loss of bone and muscle mass in the microgravity of space, helped the pharmaceutical company to test Prolia, a drug that today can save older people from osteoporosis.

It's Vital for National Security

One of the answers to the question "Why is it important to study space?" is connected with national security. The world's leading nations must detect and prevent hostile intent or terrorist groups that could deploy weapons in space or attack navigation, communications, and surveillance satellites. Even if these leading countries mostly explore the nearest space, they need to be sure that companies can extract minerals from the Moon or asteroids without worrying about being terrorized or usurped. It is crucial to set up diplomatic channels in space, with possible military use.

Countries Can Work Together Peacefully

But it can also be peaceful when we think of the cooperation of different countries at the International Space Station. The US space program, for example, allows other countries, large and small, to join forces in space exploration. International cooperation in the field of space will be extremely mutually beneficial. On the one hand, high costs would be shared by all. On the other hand, it would help establish close diplomatic relations between countries and create new jobs for both sides. The topic of cooperation between different countries in space is often studied in colleges in political science classes, and teachers assign to write a lot of scientific articles on this subject. Still, unfortunately, most students are not interested and prefer to pay for their college homework help online.

We Need Space Raw Materials

There are gold, silver, platinum, and other valuable substances in space. A lot of attention has been drawn to the activities of private companies that provide for the extraction of minerals from asteroids, but space miners do not have to go far to find rich resources. Have no time for learning interesting facts about space? Put your homework aside or just order essay online and spend some time on self-education. To start with, learn some facts about the Moon. It is a potentially valuable source of helium-3 (used for MRI and as a potential fuel for nuclear power plants). On the Earth, helium-3 is so rare that it costs as much as $5,000 per liter. The Moon can also be potentially rich in rare earth elements such as Europe and tantalum, which are in high demand for use in electronics, solar panels, and other advanced devices.

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