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Justin Karl, Ph.D.

Born and raised in Ocean City, Maryland, Dr. Karl eschewed the surf lifestyle in favor of pursuing rocket science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, FL. There he earned degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Physics before going on to earn advanced degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Justin is currently a faculty member at the University of Central Florida after completing his Mechanical Engineering PhD under a department-sponsored fellowship at the same institution. Considered an emerging authority in structural integrity, he has a diverse skill set that has application in all stages of space-related engineering research and development. With experience in both the private sector and NASA, Justin's enthusiasm lies with the privatization of space. Dr. Karl's current CV is available here: [updated April 2015]

Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, Fabio Miguez is an accomplished executive in the American aviation industry, currently working as Center Manager for FlightSafety International's Columbus, OH training location. Previously, Fabio has served as an Avionics Instructor, Program Manager, and Director of Programs for Dassault FalconJet training. He holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has over 2,000 hours of flight experience in helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft in addition to his skills as a rocket scientist. Fabio has served as a Lead Programmer at FlightFactory Simulations. Fabio's passion has evolved from space-capable avionics systems to affordable space access methods and advanced space propulsion systems. Mr. Miguez's current CV is available here: [updated September 2013]

Business Advisor
Fabio Miguez

Business Advisor
Joseph E. Palaia, IV

Mr. Palaia holds a MS in Nuclear Science & Engineering from MIT and a BS in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has 10+ years of R&D; and other technical consulting experience including aspects of lunar spacecraft development, high voltage RF engineering, electric vehicles, plasma fuel reformers, space systems materials research, Earth-orbiting hotel concepts and Mars exploration and settlement infrastructure concepts. In 2013, Mr. Palaia held a principal leadership position of a small aerospace contractor and a competitor in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Between 2005 and 2012, he served as Vice President of the 4Frontiers Corporation. He has managed several large research grants and served as a consultant for various clients, with projects in all aspects of space and energy applications. Mr. Palaia has also been involved in a number of space related non-profit initiatives, which included his leadership during two Arctic expeditions.

Mr. Tsoi is a first generation Chinese American, born, raised, and educated in Orlando, Florida. The nearby presence of NASA and the nostalgic twin sonic booms of Space Shuttle landings motivated him to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Central Florida- which continued until eventually settling with a Master's degree in Thermofluids Engineering at the same university. Marvin's passion still lies in the aerospace industry, which is evidenced by his current employment as a Simulations and Modeling Engineer working out of the heart of Kennedy Space Center. In addition, Marvin is motivated to create STEM education and outreach opportunities to help create the engineering workforce of the future.

Technical Advisor
Marvin Tsoi

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