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We seek to open up new frontiers on the moon, Mars, and here on Earth. Harsh, rocky environments like the lunar surface are inhospitable now, but have vast potential for utilization.

Automated Compact Site Inspection / Sensing

Micro Rovers - Small rovers can accomplish big science. A micro rover is a robotic vehicle smaller than a cubesat. These power-sipping, low mass machines are a cost effective way to conduct planetary exploration. Utilizing high definition 3-D printed miniature kinematic mechanisms, TSG can enable the next generation of explorers to conduct science in and around their landing sites. Our ACSIS rover will deploy after landing and provide a site survey and lander check-out.

Laser Applications - TSG is actively developing a green technology that can turn soil into solid rock. Rooted in the concept of in-situ resource utilization (ISRU), Project Sandcastle uses selective melting technology to turn formerly useless soil and dust into structures. Laboratory testing was performed where various grades and types of soil were exposed to high levels of infrared radiation emitted from a laser, and in each case the particulates were melted together into larger silicate globules. On the lunar surface, where mineral rich dust is abundant, this technology has the potential to create radiation shielding for astronauts and equipment. Although intended for space exploration, this technology has tremendous potential for use in undeveloped places on Earth where soil is abundant but infrastructure is not. Additionally, a large solid-state laser can come in handy in a number of other ways. As companies seek to mine asteroids in the future, laser-based technologies can slag loose particulates for later analysis and extraction, as well as heat sections of an asteroid of selective outgassing- essentially free station-keeping or propoulsion.

Rendering of the full-scale builder.

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