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Welcome from TSG

Terran Sciences Group is a collection of expert technical and engineering professionals based in Central Florida that provide high-value solutions to companies working on the cutting edge of their respective fields. We pride ourselves in providing the aerospace industry with problem-solving that helps enable the advancement of human spaceflight In addition, TSG pursues independent research to address major issues faced by the rapid expansion of private space exploration.

Here for the Citizens in Space microgravity developer's kit? It's now available here.

Recent News:

May 1, 2015 - Live from Space Access - Here in Phoenix at Space Access 2015, we're partnering with US Rocket Academy to provide their Citizens in Space paticipants with a free microgravity experiment developer's kit. Here to check out the kit? Head to: terransciencesgroup.com/CISP

April 2, 2015 - Winter Update - This Winter and Q1 of 2015 has seen some of the best progress at TSG yet, with several trips to the field and expanding of our workspace twice. First, TSG is pleased to announce that we'll be partnering with the nonprofit "Citizens in Space" project, run by the US Rocket Academy. Offering slots for payloads built by citizen scientists on suborbital spaceflights, Citizens in Space will make use of a microgravity development kit designed and released by TSG in early May. Look for the official launch at Space Access 2015!

Next, significant headway has been made on a number of projects that are ongoing. In January, a failed propulsion test in the Mojave desert led to an updated solid fuel chemistry that became a great success in tests in March. Our continued efforts on cheap and stable solid fuels will persist through the summer. Additionally, the Lunar Iditarod ACSIS vehicle has all-new brains and locomotion. It can see, talk, and operate (camera, 2.4Ghz control, and drive system) better than before. Tests and media will be coming soon.

Lastly, TSG is now officially providing support to a number of University of Central Florida design teams, who are working on some cutting-edge rocket projects. On our most recent trip to the desert, select students came out to visit NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center and the Space Studies Institute at Mojave Spaceport... check out the photos on Google and Twitter!

November 28, 2014 - Fall Research and Development Update - A large complement of client work and internal R&D; have been keeping TSG busy in Q3 and Q4 of this year. Meetings with several external funding sources have occurred after NewSpace, and work on the IR laser melting project has taken on new branches. Recently, TSG has moved locations in Orlando in order to accommodate expansion necessary for several large private space industry clients. Problem solving in composites and space environment operations are at the top of the list. The ACSIS lunar micro-rover has entered the Mark II development stage, and will be integrating sensors and a new drive system over the winter before testing again. Finally, TSG has committed to push forward on two big rocket projects- FDM hybrid motors will begin testing, and a large sounding rocket development plan is in the works after solid propellant characterization is complete.

July 3, 2014 - Great Minds Think Alike - TSG is pleased to announce a number of partnerships that have been developed over the past few months. ASAPMining is a local firm headed by a cryptocurrency market genius with major enthusiasm for space-related development projects- specifically those that involve Dogecoin. Femtoduino is providing some tiny, low-mass microcontrollers and motor boards for our projects, and Digital Maps is a favorite for LiDAR-based imaging and graphical data handling. 4Frontiers is excited about anything space- especially efforts to the moon and Mars!

May 26, 2014 - TSG will field a Lunar Iditarod team - After providing direct engineering help to two past lunar-roving related projects, TSG has decided to apply this expertise to a Lunar Iditarod entry. Lunar Iditarod is a competition where the winners of several gated challenges will have their micro-sized lunar rover sent to the lunar surface. Made possible by RevUpRender and the TO THE MOON promise of Dogecoin open-source digital currency! Check out lunariditarod.revuprender.com !

March 10, 2014 - Laboratory is Set / 3D-printed Hybrid Motor - The downtown workspace has been outfitted and now contains TSG's primary fabrication and laboratory equipment. Having everything all in one place means we can get back to work on the 3D-printed hybrid rocket grain project.

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Our Partners:

US Rocket Academy- Administrators of the Citizens in Space project

ASAPMining- Cryptocurrency expert and hardware provider

Femtoduino- The smallest available arduino clone

4Frontiers- Earth, Mars, Moon, Asteroids

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