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TSG strongly believes that cheap access to space (CATS) should be a focus of most aerospace companies. We do our part by continually seeking out innovative launch and flight systems and methodologies that reduce the complexity and lower the cost of getting to space.

Rocketry - As part of the CATS initiative, TSG is characterizing solid fuels that are inexpensive and readily available, in hopes of enabling sounding rockets that can offer the opportunity for suborbital research flights. TSG is also exploring the many uses for 3-D printing in space and rocketry applications. For example, fused deposition manufacturing of complex hybrid rocket grains opens up possibilities for previously unobtainable geometries. Thus, this allows for tailoring of thrust curves without the need for complex control methods.

A live fire test of an ABS/NO2 hybrid rocket.

Material specimens at 100,000ft.

High Altitude Balloons - High altitude balloons provide an affordable means of reaching a near space environment, as they are able to carry payloads outside 99.9% of the Earth's atmosphere. Flights are routinely conducted to qualify hardware and test the effects of environmental exposure on material samples.

Satellites and Spacecraft - With the continuing miniaturization of technology, TSG strives to stay on the leading edge by providing clients and academic groups with hardware and systems suitable for use in satellites and racks that adhere to the cubesat standard. These small, affordable projects are a giant leap forward in assuring that any science-minded citizen can test his or her theory in the space environment.

3U cubesat with university biology experiment.

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