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Terran Sciences Group is a team of aerospace and aviation professionals that are dedicated to solving the technical problems that persist as resources on earth dwindle, and human exploration pushes further into space. With focuses on the private space industry as well as earth-related applications, clean energy and sustainable green infrastructure go hand-in-hand with efficient propulsion and planetary colonization. The driving principle behind the efforts of the team at TSG is that keeping both futurism and altruism in mind will foster development of a sustainable human future on this planet and beyond.

Currently, TSG is headquartered in Central Florida, within 5 miles of facilities at Central Florida Research Park, and 30 miles to Kennedy Space Center's testing laboratories. TSG also has operational usage of a small desert test facility in southern California, just north of Edwards Air Force Base, near Mojave Spaceport. TSG's collaborators range from all over the United States, from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA.

Please check out the TSG vision of the future, and how we're helping humans get there.

Component checks and re-checks on the electronics bench.

A blue laser is used to flouresce some aerodynamic visualization paint.

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